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A New Era for Sanshou

Recently the word Sanshou has been met with controversy and uncertainty within the UK. The vacancy of those who once bought Sanshou to its height in previous years has left this exciting and furious fighting style in a void. But now after the recent BCCMA elections a new directorship has been elected with the ultimate goal of paving the road for Sanshou's development in the hope that Britain may see its future champions leaving an impact not only in the opposition but also in those who watch from the safety of their seats.

This new directorship combines of the forward looking aspirations of Mike Tanner (Director of Sanshou and International Judge) with the experience and proven track record of Bob Weatherall, who many regard as the Father of British Sanshou. It was Bob who introduced the sport to the UK and saw its once fruitful past take form; now with Bob back in action the future looks gold for the UK's powerful fighting machine.

Mike has stated that he and Bob have agreed a plan of action to put Sanda back on the map. Using the British Championships 2002 and subsequent Championships as a benchmark the British Squad will be selected, it is from this squad that all International and European Teams must earn the right to represent their country. The skills are already out there in the many individual Martial Arts schools of the UK. With the help of Bob and regional Coaches the new Sanshou directorship aims to share its experience with the unique talents of each School. Under the guidance of Bob Weatherall the outlook for British Sanda is promising.

However it will not be possible for the sport to move on unless the standard of Britain's Coaches and Judges is improved to prepare for Sanshou's revival and rising. It is with this problem in mind that Mike and Bob are currently running courses to educate both Coaches and Judges in the official rules and etiquette of International Sanshou Competition. Mike states that one of the Sanshou Directors main objectives is to increase funding through regular courses and competitions to help subsidise and eventually hope to provide full funding for the British Team.

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